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updated Mar 13

Casio Camera

Casio released a cheap camera EX-FH20 a while back which will record at upto 1000fps.  
I have fancied having a play with a high speed camera for a long time, but until this camera the cheapest I had found was over 5,000
so I immediately ordered one !!!

Here are a few of the videos I have produced with it

I need to do more with this camera but never seem to get round to it
BTW - Casio seem to have released a range of cameras now which will record at high speed

It is particularly interesting in conjunction with my hobby of archery as you can slow everything down and see exactly what your arrow is doing (to improve technique and arrow design etc.)
but also by counting the number of frames it takes the arrow to travel it's own length you can calculate the arrows speed at and point just by filming it

I have created a simple calculator to help with working this out - HERE

See my garage build time lapse animation HERE
See my cloud chamber video HERE

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